Pensioners And All Unemployed Will Not Pay For Water And Electricity – EFF


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has been promising much of late. From taking back land to making sex more pleasurable for South Africans, the big question remains; “can the party fulfill all their promises?”

Sadly, we can’t answer that until the party get’s to rule.

Meanwhile, the party has promised that SA pensioners and all unemployed South Africans will not pay for water or electricity wherever they get to rule after elections.

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Speaking at the party’s campaign event at Sunrise Park in the North West, EFF leader – Julius Malema – vowed to transform Rustenburg local municipality.

SA Pensioners “and all unemployed people will not pay for water and electricity. The ANC is responsible for the high crime rate because they cut off water and electricity, and people resorted to stealing to pay for water and electricity,” he said.

He said EFF will capture the municipality and better the living conditions of residences.

“We are taking this municipality. We want to give you houses. Our municipality will work independent with its own budget. We are going to build houses without the provincial government. Municipalities have the right to provide for its people. If they stop us we are going to take them to court.”

Malema said EFF’s fight against corruption in the North West isn’t championed to cause the North West premier trouble.

“We are fighting corruption, not because we hate Supra Mahumapelo. We are fighting corruption because corruption steals from you.”

Referring to RDP house corruption, Malema said EFF has designed a structure that will eradicate it.

“We are going to make the list of people waiting for RDP houses public. (That way,) each and every one can see their position. Today people on the waiting list do not know how far are they in the list because there is no transparency on allocation of houses.”

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He added that the EFF government wouldn’t sell land to property developers.

“The developer will build a shopping mall on land for free, but has to give us 40%. This could be about R4 million. This money can be used to subsidize the poor. The land will be used to pay for people unable to afford services,” Malema explained.