We Won’t Destroy Mzansi, EFF’s Mission Is To Rescue South Africa – Malema


EFF’s Mission is not to fight Zuma and the ANC. It is not chasing Whites away from the country, but to rescue South Africa, says the EFF lord – Julius Malema.

Juju said EFF’s business in politics is development and positive changes. Such that will provide jobs for the people and grant them access to quality health care services.

Campaigning for the up coming elections in Reagile, the EFF Chief Commander proclaimed that South Africa is more important than the EFF.

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“There could not be EFF without South Africa. The country comes first (and) must be used to rescue the country…”

According to Juju, that was the essence of the formation of his party.

“On August 3 there will be election. This election is very important, (as it) reflects on what (the ANC) in 20 years. We must ask whether the dream of 1994 is achieved. If not, what went wrong…” EFF’s mission is to rescue South Africa, Malema added.

He said many South Africans are unemployed. And, argued that it isn’t because jobs are unavailable. To him, unemployment is thriving because most leaders are corrupt.

“If you are not their friends or family members they demand sex. If you are a man they demand a bribe from you. This means you will never be employed because you do not have money.”

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He vowed that an EFF-led government would crush corruption and deliver quality services to South Africans. Aside granting access to quality health care services, the EFF would replace free education with ANC’s ‘no-fee schools.’

“The ANC says you do not pay school fees, but you pay money for polish…you are paying school fees underground.”

EFF will “take all keys from clinics and throw them away because clinics are not supposed to be locked,” Juju promised.

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