EFF Sharpens Spear for 2nd November, will Zuma Survive?


South Africa has become a toy in the hands of “criminal syndicate”, and the EFF is set to cleanses the nation.

Every-time Jacob Zuma takes senseless political decisions, billions of Rands are lost to the South African economy. His reckless decisions will ultimately, lead to the collapse of South Africa’s currency, says the EFF.

For that and other reasons, the Fighters’ will lead a massive protest action in the City of Tshwane  on the 2nd of November 2016.

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According to the party, the protest action is part of its struggle for free education, defense of the nation’s democracy, and state capture.

The party will be leading the “massive protest” action in the City of Tshwane. And, has called on “all South Africans of all creed, from all religious backgrounds, all strata, and all races to unite in the struggle for free education, defense of South Africa’s democracy and against state capture.”

BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that the party has already submitted an application for a protest action in Tshwane which has been approved.

“…All South Africans must gather in Tshwane to protect South Africa’s hard won democracy and political freedom.

“…We have to stand as one to defend the democratic state, and we have to reject all forms of degeneration led by a corrupt family that has captured Jacob Zuma and control key State institutions.

“We call on all sectors of society to rally behind the EFF efforts of saving South Africa’s democracy, which is being compromised by Mr. Jacob Zuma,” stated the EFF.

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The party highlighted that the protest action will be “unapologetically demanding” that:

  1. “The South African Government must provide free quality education at higher education from 2017 onwards.
  2. Jacob Zuma must immediately step down as President and Head of State in South Africa.
  3. Guptas must be disconnected from all State contracts and must immediately leave South Africa.
  4. Shaun Abrahams, the NDPP of Zuma must immediately step down from the National Prosecutions Authority.”

EFF reiterated that the people of South Africa must stand united against the “Zupta Nonsense”.

It is corruptly robbing South Africa of its needed scarce resources and failing to provide free education to deserving students, added the Fighters.

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