Zuma Gave Us The Middle Finger, Now We’ve Filled Up Orlando Stadium – EFF


The headline is more of a summary of EFF’s news flash this past weekend. First, the party had a successful Manifesto Launch Rally in Orlando Stadium.

The numerous South Africans that participated in the event vividly stipulated that the EFF party has gained massive attention in the country, is here to stay, and is no longer delusional when they express the intent to be the ruling party of the country.

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An increasing number of black South Africans, an obvious majority of the country are rallying behind the EFF. The party filled up Soweto’s 40‚000-seater Orlando Stadium during their Manifesto Launch Rally.

EFF hinted that Zuma’s “misbehavior” as President and ANC’s refusal to recall him is partly, consequent to their expansion.

“Zuma has insulted the South African public by giving us the middle finger…Mr Zuma has long-lost his right to lead the country, given his now legendary and serial violations of the law and the Constitution.

…He adds to that list the dubious title of virtually being an accused person in the criminal courts.  There is no difference between Jacob Zuma and the thousands of criminal suspects and accused persons, some of whom are behind bars awaiting trial.

Jacob Zuma is a danger to society,” the EFF stated.

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With that, EFF’s lord, Julius Malema begged South Africans to install the party in leadership positions across the country for better governance.

“We’re here to sign a contract with our people…We’re only asking for five years. Kick us out if we don’t implement,” Juju pleaded.

It’s now a common belief among political analysts that the EFF wouldn’t need guns to oust the ANC like Malema threatened. To the analysts, the EFF is set to be the official opposition party of South Africa in the nearest future.

And, can become South Africa’s ruling party if it can retain its growing popularity among black South Africans, and at the same time, project it’s image as a non-violent party in order to appeal to those convinced the party is out to cause chaos .

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