Zimbabwe: EFF’s Malema In Plot To Topple Mugabe


The EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema has found himself in a fresh squabble with the Zimbabwean government as he is accused of plotting to topple Mugabe.

Zimbabwe’s state-owned Sunday mail reported Malema as making deals with a Zimbabwean politician Saviour Kasukuwere to see the country’s 93-year-old president removed.

According to the mail, the plans to bring down the Mugabe-led government was masterminded by a former British ambassador to South Africa, Robin Renwick who met with Malema in London in 2015 awhile before he (Malema) apparently dumped his economic nationalization mantra and started pursuing the ousting of President Jacob Zuma.

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Martin Dinha, one of Zimbabwe’s provincial governors who vowed to prove that Malema was working together with Kasukuwere, claimed that both Kasukuwere both share the ambition to take over power from presidents Mugabe and Zuma, respectively.”

Kasukuwere is allegedly involved in a faction within the ruling Zanu-PF known as the G40, which appears to be opposed to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, 74, who is widely tipped to succeed Mugabe when he dies or retires.

The said plans to topple Mugabe follows a comment by a daring member of Zimbabwean parliament of the country’s main opposition Movement for Democratic Change party, who reportedly said that President Robert Mugabe, has “outlived his usefulness” and thus belong to the cemetery.

James Maridadi reportedly said people of Mugabe’s age are either at a nursing home or they are dead.

“So at 93 or 94, you are in a nursing home, or you are in the hospital or you are in a cemetery and we cannot blame anyone for being at a cemetery because that is truly where they belong,” he said while addressing journalists at a belated World Press Freedom Day commemorations in Harare over the weekend.

Meanwhile, EFF’s national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said the accusation that their leader Julius Malema was in a deal with Zanu-PF’s political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere to topple President Robert Mugabe was “laughable”.

Ndlozi said the EFF and its president are not in the business of plotting against African leadership. “When we hold different views we say it in the open and will not hide behind the succession battles of others,” he said.

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Although it is not yet clear whether the so-called G40 faction wants Kasukuwere to succeed Mugabe or if it is backing first lady Grace Mugabe to take over when her husband dies, or if this faction is just trying to stop Mnangagwa from inheriting the job, Dinha claimed that Kasukuwere brought Malema to Zimbabwe in 2010 and that many suspect Malema is funding the G40.

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