EFF’s Malema Calls For Cheaper Food Prices To Aid The Poor


The Economic Freedom Fighters – EFF’s Malema has condemned the increasing gap between the poor and the rich in the country

Julius Malema, who was Speaking at Daily Maverick The Gathering on Friday, challenged the standardized prices of goods especially food products between the rich and poor and called for special prices to be established for the unemployed and poor.

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“My salary is almost more than a million, they wrote about it in the paper yesterday. My grandmother has got no income at all but if a litre of water is R1, she’s going to pay R1 and I’m going to pay R1 for the litre of water, what type of equality is that? When she’s got no income at all,” EFF’s Malema said.

“Here is a parliamentarian, who pays R1, the same amount of money with a person who has got no income and when I say, for those who do not have income, there must be a special price for them. It is unfair, it actually undermining the agenda to fight for equality.”

Malema’s call for economic equality and the need to cater for the poor in the country echo’s Mathew Phosa’s call for an economic balance as a viable tool for transformation.

Like the EFF’s Malema, the former national treasurer Phosa who was speaking at the Vison 2030 Summit as a guest speaker spoke about how economic equality could foster change in the nation’s economy and how the government how to help creates a balance in the society.

“South Africa is an unequal society when it comes to economic prosperity. It remains the most significant outstanding issue on our agenda of liberation and political and economic transformation.He said as he reiterated that this change should cut across political, economic and social aspect of the society.

However, the Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini believes South Africans are well catered for by the government through its social grant programme.

The Minister on Thursday revealed that South Africans need not ask for a further increase in grants as according to her, R753 a month is just good enough to fend for each citizen.

The cabinet minister who earns R2.3 million annually – R191,000 per month reacted to the DA’s call for an increase in the stipends given to citizens following the increase in prices of basic goods like foodstuffs.

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The DA, on the other hand, challenged the minister to try living on R753 for an entire month and see how much she could acquire with it.

Declaring her response as uncaring, the party said this demonstrates yet again just how much the ANC has changed and how the lives of the black race are meaningless to them. It then accused the party of fighting for its interest instead of the people’s.

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