EFF’s Juju Battles FF Plus’ Mulder On Twitter


The University of Pretoria and the University of Free State discarded their mission to educate and literally became an arena where white and black students battled each other.

What was initially just protest marches, became violent at both institutions. Students at the University of Pretoria chased each other with stones, whereas protesters at University of Free State were attacked during a Varsity Cup match.

The students warred at one of the institution because of the use of Afrikaans language at the university, and those at the other institution, along with workers, battled due to what is considered to be an exploitation and victimization of workers.

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In order to encourage the students to keep the chaos alive, the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) leader, Julius Malema and the Freedom Front Plus’ (FF+) Chief Whip, Corne Mulder started their own combat on twitter.

News24 first reported the twitter fight when it related that both leaders called on students (their supporters) to crush each other. BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the fight started when Mulder called on the FF+ followers to unite and crush EFF fascists.

“#EFF Fascists – Universities under siege from radicals and new fascists trying to impose their revolution on us. Unite and crush them,” he tweeted.

The EFF lord rushed Mulder nine hours later tweeting; “@MulderCorn we will crush all of you within no time if you want to come with that stinking attitude. Who said we are scared of you?”

Juju followed up his first tweet with the tweets below;

  • “The Apartheid murders are threatening to repeat history by crushing protesting students and workers,we are more than ready this time…
  • To all protesting students and workers,protect and defend each other against Afrikaner extremists working with the ANC blood thirsty police.”

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