We’re Working With Other Parties To Cripple ANC Forever – Malema


Sweet Juju said there are vivid indications that the ruling party will get less than sixty percent of South African votes in the upcoming elections, and hinted that his EFF is working with other opposition party to cripple ANC eternally.

South Africans are sick of the governing party and can no longer tolerate their epileptic governance. Thus, Malema stated that his EFF wouldn’t work with the present ANC even if they present heroes  like Chris Hani to run for elections.

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In an interview with Power FM this morning, Malema was asked to opine on the appointment of Thoko Didiza as ANC’s mayoral candidate for Tshwane. 

Responding, Malema acknowledged Didiza as a good comrade. But then, pointed out that even heroes deserves to be rejected if they’re members of the present ANC.

With that, Juju stressed that the EFF will never work with ANC no matter how decent their members in leadership positions are. EFF will however, work with other opposition parties to cripple ANC and ensure the party is history.

The people have already rejected ANC, “therefore, it would be irresponsible for us to bring the ANC through a back door.

But collectively, we are more than prepared to talk to all opposition parties to work together to remove the ANC from power,” said the EFF leader.

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According to Malema, certain members of ANC are very good people.

He said; “Thoko and (others) are very good comrades and I worked with Thoko in the Judicial Service Commission…she is an objective person who is not always married to a party position.

But, the problem is that Thoko comes from a wrong organisation and she is going to come with a burden and a list that has the most corrupt people of the ANC in Tshwane,” Malema explained.