EFF – We “Will Not Participate In Parliament Motion Of No Confidence In Zuma Debate”


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are agreeably, the guys that disrespect Mr President most. From their actions, they’ve indicated that they dislike Zuma leading the nation. Their leader during SONA debate said Zuma is an abnormal human being, they chant “Zupta” to piss-off Zuma and ANC, why then are they unwilling to partake in the move to oust Zuma?

To many, the EFF simply do not want to waste time on an “impossible mission”, but the reason according to the fighters is also about who’s to replace Zuma if he’s removed.

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In a statement, the opposition party stated that they’ve decided “not to participate in the motion of no confidence in Mr Jacob Zuma brought to Parliament by the Leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mr Mmusi Maimane.

The EFF refuses to legitimize a morally and politically compromised President of the ANC through another process of Parliament,” reads the statement.

To the EFF, the debate is essentially, a waste of time because the ANC caucus in Parliament “have shown as they did before with the Nkandla matter, that they are not interested in protecting the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and do not want to hold the executive accountable.”

They will again put the ANC first before millions of South Africans EFF argued stating; “members of Zuma African National Congress (ZANC) are going to vote blindly to protect an illegitimate President.”

Malema’s Party opined that “such a debate on vote of no confidence in Mr Zuma requires substance and judgement of the highest court in land, the Constitutional Court, and it is then that we will reveal to all South Africans that, to the ANC the Constitution does not matter.

It is in view of the position above that the EFF will not participate in today’s debate but will be present to attend to other matters of the House, to fulfill the promise made during the elections to bring issues affecting our people to Parliament.”

EFF disclosed that they wrote to the Speaker of Parliament and the DA leader appealing that the debate be postponed until the finalization of the Constitutional Court matter but was ignored.

Matters that are likely to be raised in the debate, which are going to be disregarded by the ANC, however legitimate and principled they are, are what the EFF has presented to a full bench of Constitutional Court Judges.

The court abides by the Constitution and has proved as the vanguard of our justice system, and remains the only credible sphere of the state we have faith in. We will await judgement, and then take decisive action moving forward on what must be done.

With the above, EFF declared that they “will continue to use legitimate platforms and uphold the Constitution in the process of removing the illegitimate and compromised President who has undeniably failed to uphold the Constitution and true values of principled President.”

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