EFF WIll Be Criminally Charged For Demanding Afrikaans Be Scrapped At The University Of Pretoria


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will have to fight criminal charges and a complaint that will be made to the Human Rights Commission for their ceaseless quest to get Afrikaans scrapped at the University of Pretoria.

Francois Cloete, the spokesman of Front National according to an IOL report, revealed that charges will also be laid against Kabelo Mahlobogwane, the leader of the EFF student command (EFFSC) at the university. The EFFSC leader had reportedly threatened that the EFFSC  will wreak havoc in the institution if their demand regarding the Afrikaans language is refused.

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Speaking, Cloete stated that “the EFFSC’s outspoken hostility towards Afrikaans as a language medium in universities is shocking and outrageous, especially in light of language rights which are guaranteed in the Constitution.”

Stating that Front National regards EFFSC’s campaign against Afrikaans as hate speech, Cloete added that the hostile campaign is a dangerous incitement to violence against Afrikaans- speaking minorities, the Boers and pointed out that it is worrisome to combine the hostile campaign with “threats of anarchy”.

Emphasizing that EFFSC’s actions and provocative-defiant behavior towards Afrikaans “will not be simply tolerated”, Cloete called “on the Tuks alumni and donors to withdraw their financial support until the university authorities guarantee Afrikaans as an established language,” and requested that “all EFFSC members who are studying at the university campus and are part of the disruption and dismantling of Afrikaans should be immediately removed from the premises.”

Responding, the EFFSC leader commented that the EFFSC “will not be shaken by beneficiaries of the apartheid system and would like to see it still continue systematically.

We are not fighting individuals, but Afrikaans supremacy and culture that is being imposed on us at this institution. We shall wait to be served with these charges and entertain them afterwards. As things stand, we are going to continue with our programme. We are not going to retreat, nor surrender,” Mahlobogwane stated.

Meanwhile, BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that a report by a task team on language at the university will be discussed with students tomorrow. The task team chairman, Professor Norman Duncan is hopefully a solution to the unrest will emerge as there was a  consensus in support of key findings and recommendations.

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