EFF Wants Nicki Minaj To Refund R10 Million For 2014 Tribe One Festival


Nicki Minaj will be performing in Johannesburg tomorrow, hip-hop fans are set to be thrilled but the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is probably, set to kill the fun as they have demanded of the famous US she-rap star to refund the R10 million she was paid for the 2014 Tribe One Festival that failed to happen.

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If you recall, the event was scheduled to hold from the 26th to the 28 of September 2014, and was cancelled because of insufficient preparation by the City of Tshwane.

In that regard, the EFF requested of the City to hold a meeting with Minaj’s management and get the R10 million back. To them, it is not ideal to leave such huge money with Minaj for nothing, Sowetan Live reports.

“The R10-million could have been used to make a huge difference in the lives of communities in Dinokeng who lack basic services such as water, sanitation, proper houses, electricity and roads.

We want to make it clear to Nicki Minaj’s fans, including fighters, that we do not have any problems with Nicki Minaj’s music and have no intention of boycotting her concert. We wish her well.

However, the principle here is accountability…We hope that their meeting will be short as their agenda will be the R10-million owed to taxpayers. Failure to do that will result in the EFF wards making sure the matter does not die a natural death,” the party warned in a statement.

Reacting, Tshwane municipality issued a statement stating that “the municipality is not planning to meet any of the artists who were involved in the Dinokeng festival.

It must be understood that the municipality has taken action against the organizers of the event who are the company that the city contracted with.

All resources are against them…The case is still pending and the parties are in the process of exchanging court papers and relevant notices. A court date can only be applied for or secured after these processes are concluded,” reads the statement.

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