EFF Extends A Hand Of Fellowship To Retiring Deputy Chief Justice


Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have extended a hand of fellowship to Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke, inviting him to the political arena following his retirement from the legal profession.

The EFF on Thursday hailed Moseneke on “his imminent retirement from an illustrious career in the legal profession and service to his country and his people,”  adding that his “fierce independence was a credit to the bench.”

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Justice Dikgang Moseneke steps down today after years of service. The event will be marked with a ceremonial session at the Constitutional Court.

“His wisdom and wise counsel should not be lost to the emergent leadership of progressive forces across the political spectrum‚ in and outside the country‚” EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said.

“Our message to Comrade Moseneke is that the struggle for land and economic freedom has just been reignited‚ we therefore pray and hope that he will find the space to re-enter the political arena in whatever manner is appropriate.”

Ndlozi added that Moseneke had “served with distinction” on the Constitutional Court‚ was “most aptly demonstrated by the childish pettiness visited upon him by the small minded and intellectually bankrupt Jacob Zuma regime when he made the accurate remark that adjudication should not be driven by party political considerations”.

He also blamed the ruling party for not allowing Justice Dikgang Moseneke to attain the post of Chief Justice, but this did not deter him from carrying out his duties.

“He was then castigated by the ruling party and unfairly penalised by Jacob Zuma who actively and vindictively deprived him of his well deserved elevation to the position of Chief Justice.

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“In spite of that snub‚ Justice Moseneke took this insult with dignity and continued to serve his people with aplomb.”

While speaking in an interview on Thursday‚ Monseke reacted to whether being overlooked for the position of Chief Justice hurt him by saying that he had served under three chief justices and had been overlooked three times.

Adding that if someone had asked him if he wanted to become Chief Justice‚ he would have accepted.