The EFF Will Continue To Turn The NA Upside Down Until Zuma Bows Out


As speaker Baleka Mbete tries to put the National Assembly in order as charged by President Zuma, the leader of Economic Freedom fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, has cleared the air on why they disrupted the meeting saying there is no wrong doing in their act and that they would continue to do so until Zuma bows out.

Speaking at a rally in Gugulethu on Sunday, Malema reiterated his party’s position saying that President Jacob Zuma is an illegitimate president and was not expected to appear among the members of parliament.

Malema was referring to the event that took place in the National Assembly when President Zuma appeared at the National Assembly to present his presidency’s budget vote.

There, the EFF MPs were adamant that Zuma had forfeited his right to speak in Parliament and therefore should not be allowed to step foot in the house, but was opposed by the speaker who rather ordered the party members out.

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Addressing that, EFF’s Malema said he saw no wrong in the party’s act of disrupting the meeting and would not stop until president Zuma bows out.

“That Parliament, we have turned it upside down; We told him ‘you are going to be brought to book’. He can dance and say ‘Nkandla, Nkandla’. It doesn’t matter. We will continue till Zuma bows out”

“They can kill us if they want in Parliament, but Zuma is not our president. Repeat it to yourself: ‘Zuma is not my president’. Not on our watch,” Malema added.

Malema accused Zuma of being a criminal, a thief and a mess even before the Nkandla saga. He further accused Zuma of being responsible for the mishaps in all arms of government, with the exception of the judiciary.

“He can sue me, but he is a criminal. The number one thief. Your children get jailed for stealing a braai pack because they are hungry, and yet he is still a president.”

Malema however, boasts of doing what the Democratic Alliance (another strong opposition of the ANC) was unable to do – making Zuma pay the Nkandla money.

“The DA could not make Zuma pay back the money, and we did. Put us in the Cape metro and you will see what we can do,” he said

DA leader Mmusi Maimane was only there for a salary; Oh shame man uMaimane. He is not the leader of the DA. It is still being led by Helen Zille.”

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Meanwhile, Malema urged the people not to be swayed by their emotions “You can’t say you are voting for [former president Nelson] Mandela. He is no more. Be honest with yourself. You are voting for Zuma, and not ‘khongolose,” he said. Khongolose is a Zulu word for congress, a reference to the ANC.

Clarifying the difference between Zuma and Mandela, Malema said Zuma and Mandela are in no way similar. “Look at that head. They are nothing alike,” he said as he called for young people to be introspective and start asking difficult questions to their parties.

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