EFF To eNCA – Stop Your Lies, We Won’t Merge With Corrupt ANC


There is no possible merger planned by the EFF and its President between the EFF and the Corrupt ANC, says the EFF as it warns eNCA to stop spreading deliberate lies.

EFF said eNCA’s journalist Nkepile Mabuse portrayed its President as wanting a merger between the EFF and the ANC.

As such, the party demanded a public apology from Mabuse and eNCA for the report it labeled “malicious act” saying it “borders on the work of an agent provocateur whose intention is to break up our beloved organisation.”

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The opposition party said it granted Mabuse an interview on the premise that it was an exclusive platform for the President to outline the EFF’s vision of the politics of SA going forward.

“She constantly reassured us that this is what it was. In the interview, she asked the President if he would ever consider going back to the ANC, and the President categorically said ‘No’.

She then pressed on with the question creating the impression she was not asking for a practical official position, but rather an imagined circumstance. The President then acceded to entertaining her line of questioning thinking it was in the context of the entire interview in which it would have been clear that he had previously said there is NO POSSIBILITY of a gravitation towards the ANC, a stance he has always held everywhere else.

We started suspecting something was amiss when she then tried to sneak in an interview with our National Chairperson. We refused her the interview because she had constantly said it was an exclusive program on the President. Little did we know that she was creating a lie and asking others like Lindiwe Zulu to comment on them,” EFF related.

Adding that Mabuse conveniently cut out the clip to propagate her lies, EFF charged eNCA to play the entire interview for the public.

“Ms Mabuse is a dishonourable journalist whose political motives are questionable. Her ambition to be recognised as a credible successor of Deborah Patta in eNCA is now compromising her integrity.

It is also questionable that eNCA ran an entire bulletin based on this contrived and trumped up a story without fact-checking it first. It is a disgrace that such a credible TV station has stooped to the levels of the amateurish ANN7 which peddles propaganda and lies with impunity.

We will not stand for such a malicious lie on our organisation peddled by an ambitious liar such as MsMabuse. Let them release the full interview as Ms Mabuse promised us,” added the EFF

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With that, the party reiterated that EFF isn’t planing to merge with the ANC stressing that its leader made it clear in the interview that the ANC must collapse and shut down Luthuli House if they want to talk to the EFF and make a meaningful contribution to the politics of South Africa.

The EFF will not “be re-swallowed by the African National Congress. There is no such a possibility. None whatsoever,” EFF proclaimed.

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