EFF Still In Coalition Talks With The ANC – Ndlozi


Against all rumors about no coalition talks between the EFF and the ruling ANC, report from the EFF spokesperson Ndlozi Mbuyiseni confirms that the party’s door is still open to coalition with the ruling party.

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi confirmed this saying that the EFF has from the beginning had an open door policy to all parties in the coalition talks including its strongest opposition, the ANC.

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Ndlozi told journalists ahead of the EFF’s central command team meeting in Bloemfontein on Monday night that the party had many options on the table, including coalitions, abstention and re-runs, but clearly added that the EFF will in no way sell out its identity to anyone – its identity is not up for sale.”

“Anything that you are going to receive between now and the press conference of the EFF will not be final,” he said, referring to a press conference the party would be holding at noon on Wednesday in Alexandra in order its announce their decisions.

It was reported that the EFF agreed to go on coalition with the governing party only on the condign that the party agrees to unseat its leader, Jacob Zuma- a choice the ANC recently refused to accept.

“I must stress it will only be [final] once the EFF speaks, because we hold the key to a lot of classrooms where people will be taught a lot of lessons, and therefore wait for the EFF to speak and to speak from its official platform, for you to understand.” EFF’s Ndlozi said, adding that the fact that no one party had a “decisive majority” in some councils meant that negotiations could take longer than anticipated.

About coalition negotiations, the EFF spokesperson said: “Everybody is speaking to everybody as far as we can sense. We have had an open door policy from the beginning. We have not been hostile, and we have explained this to all of South Africa, that if you see us talk to people, do not make conclusions, because we must speak.

That is what a democracy constitutes, that is how a consensus is going to be built.

We are no longer not speaking anymore from the same ground before the elections, so people are much more willing to drink from your cup, as you will be willing to drink from their cup and taste the waters that are beating in their soul,” he added while reiterating that the EFF has never had a policy of not speaking to the ANC, and denied that the party used its demand for President Jacob Zuma to resign as a precondition to talks.

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He said the EFF has been speaking to the ANC in Parliament and on various other occasions but will only speak about their conclusions when the party fully decides to. “We will tell you everything, you know us,” he said about the scheduled press conference on Wednesday.

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