EFF Vows To Have Zuma And Oscar Share Same Cell If Elected


Certainly, President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma will not have it all rosy should SA’s radical party, Economic Freedom Party (EFF) rise to power.

The opposition party’s leader, Malema, who unfolds his plans for Zuma with each passing minute; has vowed to rain bruises on Zuma if he eventually clenches power.

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Addressing the University of Venda students in Limpopo, the radical leader vowed to lock Zuma up in Kgosi Mampuru Prison, Pretoria if his party emerges the winner.

Justifying his assertions, Malema argued that Zuma’s agreement to pay for the non-security upgrades to his Nkandla home amounts to an admission of guilt to corruption and will pave way for the EFF to force law enforcement agencies to arrest him.

He vowed: “After he pays‚ we will then take him to Kgosi Mampuru Prison in Pretoria. He will stay with Oscar Pistorius; after that we will convert Nkandla into a college education so that our children can receive education from there because it was built out of our money‚ so we can do anything we want with it.”

He also took many swipes at Zuma and his administration at Musina and Nzhelele in the Vhembe district; where he earlier held campaigns ahead of the upcoming elections.

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Speaking further, Malema blamed South Africa’s degrading economic status on poor political leadership which he said is impeding the country’s ability to compete economically with other African countries.

“Now we are number three, overtaken by Egypt – which does not even have a proper government but is economically better. We claim to have stabilized the institution of democracy, which does not lead to job creation and economic growth. Investors do not have confidence in us.”

He slammed Zuma for being clueless; likewise the ANC. He added that the plan of the ANC is Zuma and that Zuma does not have a plan for South Africa.

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Wrapping up his speech, Juju promised the EFF will provide free education and consistent clean drinking water and 24-hour health services in the Vhembe district if elected.

He also encouraged the students to devote much time to their education; rather than spending time on frivolities.

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