EFF Picks Fight With Israel, Says SA Must Cut Ties


For leading the worst form of human violation, and subjecting the people of Palestine to racial segregation. The EFF says South Africa must cut-ties with Israel. Israeli regime is an official colonial and apartheid state,” asserted Juju’s party.

Wishing all muslims “revolutionary Eid Mubarak”, EFF paid “special recognition to the Muslims of Palestine and Western Sharah.”

According to the party, these Muslims continue to live under the occupation by Israel and Morocco.

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“Israel is in the worst form of human rights violation. Subjecting the people of Palestine to racial segregation and denying them the fundamental right to self-determination.”

EFF rejected Kenya’s president – Uhuru Kenyatta – call to recognize Israel as an ally in the fight against terrorism in the African.

Saying: “we reject this call, including the suggestion that Israel should be given observer status in the African Union. The only condition upon which Israel will ever be legitimate to all democracy and freedom loving peoples is when it ends its colonial and apartheid occupation of Palestinian.

Association with Israel is a direct offence on our constitutional values. As a continent with the history of racism, colonialism, apartheid and genocide we cannot associate with the Israeli regime which is an official colonial and apartheid state.”

EFF said Israel’s way of dealing with fundamentalism has led to the greatest violence on humanity.

“Africa cannot adopt the same Islamophobic tactics of Netanyahu in dealing with religious fundamentalists like Al-Shabab and Boko Haram.

We cannot build more walls and borders in Africa. We cannot build checkpoints and forcefully remove people like it is the case in the West Bank. Above all, we cannot drop bombs on innocent civilians just to make our way in fighting terrorists,” EFF added.

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With that, Malema’s party reiterated a call for SA to full boycott of Israel politically, culturally and economically.