Cabinet Reshuffle Is Nothing But A Handover Of Treasury To The Gupta Family – EFF


Cabinet Reshuffle: The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has cried foul over the reshuffling of President Zuma’s executives which took place in the midnight of Thursday

The fighters expressed disappointment with the appointment of new ministers and their deputies, saying that the cabinet reshuffle is nothing but a handover of the country’s Treasury to Zuma’s close friends – the Gupta family.

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The red party claimed that the reshuffle targeted former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and aims at positioning Gigaba, who is a Gupta stooge as a channel for many other organized and nefarious activities at the National Treasury.

Zuma was further bashed for replacing Gordhan with Gigaba “who is not only unqualified and holds no ounce of experience to preside over Treasury, but is loyal and indebted to the Gupta family.”

According to the party, the only difference between Van Rooyen and Gigaba is that Gigaba is a social media celebrity – meaning Gigaba is just a well-known Van Rooyen.

“It is not a secret that Gigaba receives bags of money from the Gupta family that allows him to live beyond his means. His unexplained wealth, and, let it be said, his offshore accounts, are all from the Guptas.”

The party also contradicted Zuma’s claims that the ‘younger MPs’ were basically appointed for the country to benefit from their wealth of energy, experience and expertise, saying  Mbalula and Gigaba are above the youth age bracket of the country.

“Mbalula and Gigaba are both turning 46 years old this year; and so are many appointed individuals in the Cabinet, they are all beyond the youth age bracket of the country. The cabinet reshuffle is nothing else, but a handing over of the country to the Guptas by putting their loyalists in charge of the executive,” the party reiterated.

Last night, Zuma ruffled a lot of feathers, announcing a major cabinet reshuffle with 20 new appointments, a move considered as an effort to gain more power over his government and control the choice of his successor.

In a statement issued by President Jacob Zuma, he described his midnight cabinet reshuffle as a “radical socio-economic transformation”.

He also detailed in the statement that new appointees must ensure that the “promise of a better life for the poor and the working class” becomes a reality. “I have directed the new ministers and deputy ministers to work tirelessly with their colleagues… to ensure that the promise of a better life for the poor and the working class becomes a reality,” he said.

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On Thursday, the EFF  approached the Constitutional Court to seek a directive that would order the Speaker of Parliament, Baleka Mbete, to institute impeachment or disciplinary proceedings against Zuma for conduct associated with the Nkandla scandal.

Today marks exactly one year since the Constitutional Court handed down its historic judgment in the EFF’s Nkandla application. Since then EFF’s numerous appeal on the matter to the speaker of Parliament were met with resistance.

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