‘EFF Sethokga Hostel Residents Attackers Targeted Sepedi-Speaking People People’- Victim


Following a visit by EFF leader Julius Malema to EFF Sethokga Hostel, residents now live in fear as they were attacked again.

EFF leader Malema paid a courtesy visit to the EFF Sethokga Hostel residents in Tembisa on Monday, following the death of two EFF members who were assaulted when they campaigned at the hostel a month ago. Malema who was almost attacked by some residents of the hostel later confronted the police, condemning the way they handled the matter.

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While Malema was visiting the EFF Gauteng hostel residents, attackers were lurking in the dark waiting patiently to strike. Shortly after Malema departed, an angry mob singing anti-Malema songs, armed with clubs, sticks and other weapons stormed the hostel, beat and injured 32 people who were later taken to hospital.

One of the victims Jacob Ramahuma, 59, who sustained head injuries, expressed his anger.

“I was beaten up by young boys. My whole body aches. We voted for the ANC and helped them to take over the government. Now they do not tolerate other parties.

“They targeted Sepedi-speaking people because they believe they all belong to the EFF. It is political intolerance and we want it to stop,” he said.

Another EFF member who is also a resident of the hostel is afraid to flaunt his EFF outfit for fear of being attacked.

“I came back because I have nowhere else to go. They are angry because Malema was here. I was beaten with golf sticks from all angles.

“I could feel blood flowing down my neck, they also broke my arm. I told them to kill me and that’s when they stopped,” he lamented.

Another resident, who is not a member of the EFF opts for the EFF to leave the hostel and never return. “Look at us now. They are making us fight among ourselves as residents. The ANC is in charge here, we all know that.

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“Malema is causing problems for us. I jumped down from this top floor in fear and I almost broke my legs,” he said.

Captain Tsekiso Mofokeng speaking on behalf of the Gauteng police said they were investigating the case.