EFF Expands As Juju Recruits More White Fighters


Julius Sello Malema isn’t done proving all those who doubted him wrong. He’s working hard to take over South Africa from the ‘corrupt ANC’, and striving to ensure the ‘racist DA’ wouldn’t get to rule the country. He has recruited more white fighters.

Due to EFF’s land policy, and Malema’s relentless call for black South Africans to take over land ownership, the party has often times, been regarded as a ‘racist party’ inciting blacks against their white countrymen.

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With EFF’s recruitment of more white fighters, Malema has once again, indicated that he’s a force South Africa can’t ignore.  

According to reports, the Economic Freedom Fighters welcomed the Afrikaner community of Hermanstad to their party.

Speaking in Pretoria, EFF’s deputy chairman Moafrica Mabongwana pointed out that the new white fighters of the party goes to show that the EFF is not an anti-white party as believed by many.

Mabongwana said: “There is a myth going on in the country that the EFF is anti-white, but we are here to say that it is not the case. We’re doing this to change that perception and to show that we are prepared to work with anyone who believes in our policies.”

The deputy chairman related that community invited the EFF to assist them deal with housing, drugs and crimes challenges. According to him, the community members pledge their allegiance to the EFF because they have been consistently let down by the ANC and DA.

“We were invited by the people of this community to help bring progress to this area and this is exactly what we plan to do. These people were promised houses and have been waiting since 2005.

Every time there are elections, the DA and ANC come here and promise to solve their issues should the residents vote for them. They keep telling these voters that there is one official left to sign a particular document before their wishes could come true…

The DA was chased away by the community. (They) then invited us to come here instead and we’ve arrived…There is light at the end of the tunnel,” Mabongwana celebrated.

Reporting this, iol narrated that one of the white fighters – Evelyn Buys – said the community members are tired of empty promises and decided to give EFF a chance to help.

Hear her: “I’ve been staying in an RDP house for 13 years with my six children, but I still don’t have the title-deed.

Despite being poor, the City of Tshwane insists on wanting me to pay for the rates and taxes for a property that is not even mine. I believe that the EFF is going to help us get the city to solve our problems once and for all.

We know its election time and people will be promising us a lot of things, but we’ve tried the other parties and they all failed. We have thus decided to give the EFF a chance.”

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In response to the community’s challenges, EFF’s advocate – Andries Nkome – disclosed that the party has demanded a meeting with the municipality to figure out why the residents of the community are living with the aforementioned challenges.

Nkome said: “all these people need are their title deeds and for the rates and taxes to be adjusted in light of the fact that they are grant recipients and pensioners. How can a person who earns R1 500 be expected to pay a debt of R80 000? That is ridiculous and needs to be scrapped completely.”