EFF Publishes 3 Of The 25 Shocking Reasons Why #GuptasMustGo# – See What They Said


The Gauteng North High Court has granted the Gupta family an interdict against the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Oakbay investment, The New Age, ANN7 and other family’s subsidiary companies of the Gupta family were re-assured of their security and freedom in South Africa. The court ruled in their favour and upheld their right to business operations and other activities as South African citizens.

According to one Gupta lawyer, “this order prevents the respondents from entering the premises, damaging any assets, damaging any the equipment of the applicant, or to damage or harm any of the employees.”

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However, reacting to the court ruling, Malema responded,

“We must respect the courts. But the courts can’t stop us from saying that we don’t love the Guptas. We don’t want their curry.

We’re appealing that judgment. The better option is for them to go. I had planned a surprise for them.

Because we respect the courts‚ we will postpone the surprise for the Guptas. Once we appeal‚ we’ll give them their surprise.”

Not deterred by the court ruling, EFF launched a ‘GuptasMustgo’ campaign on their Instagram page. The party published the first three reasons why the Gupta family must pack their bags and wave goodbye to South Africa. They said 22 more reasons are on their way. The party’s publication reads:

“#GUPTASMUSTGO #EFF effighters 1. The Guptas are influencing [President Jacob] Zuma on the R1 trillion nuclear deal: after they acquired uranium mines‚ they stand to benefit greatly from the deal through supplying uranium. Zuma has been advised that the country cannot afford this nuclear deal‚ but because the Guptas family stands to benefit‚ it is being forced through. The nuclear deal will plunge South Africa into a massive fiscal crisis‚ collapsing South Africa’s currency‚ ratings‚ and ability to provide basic services to its people;

“#EFF #VoteEFF No 2. Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene was removed and replaced with Des van Rooyen because the Guptas said so. The thoughtless action of removing a Minister of Finance weakened South Africa’s currency‚ making it more expensive for SA to import goods and services from outside the country‚ and making life of ordinary South Africans more oppressive. A weakened currency has a tendency to increase inflation‚ further burdening ordinary South Africans; and

“#VoteEFF #EFF No 3. The Guptas are exploiting the resources of this country‚ enriching themselves through corruption‚ under the guise of freedom. They illegally influence the issuing of mining rights‚ and have effectively taken control of key parastatals such as the SABC‚ TRANSNET‚ ESKOM‚ SAA and now DENEL.”

EFF tells Guptas to go

The Gupta family had dragged EFF and Malema to court after the latter’s perceived “incitement to violence speech” against Guptas journalists during EFF’s briefing last week. “It’s a battle, it’s a war against Guptas. So we want to advise the Gupta television and newspapers, they must no longer come to the EFF events because they are not safe for them. We don’t want to see ANN7 anywhere.” said Malema to the journalists.

Meanwhile, a member of the  Guptas family Atul Gupta‚ responding on behalf of the Gupta family‚ said: “The Guptas have been in South Africa since 1993 and are a proudly South African family. Some of the family’s children were born and raised in South Africa. Oakbay Investments employs more than 4500 people in South Africa‚ and growing‚ and reinvests all profits in the country. The Gupta family will continue to invest in South Africa‚ promote South Africa and create jobs for South Africans.”

The Guptas lawyers labeled Malema’s threats as “xenophobic threats of violence and in direct conflict with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution”.

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