It’s Time To Save SA’s Hard-Won Democracy From Dead, Useless ANC- EFF


South Africa’s third largest political party, the EFF plans to carry out a mass protest on 2 November 2016, ‘to protect SA’s hard-won democracy and political freedom.’

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)’s leader Julius Malema stated this, calling out on South Africans who are concerned about the country’s democratic future to join them on the November 2 mass protest.

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He said the protest is open to people from all religious backgrounds, all strata, and all races. He added that this will help to unite in the struggle for free education, and the deference of SA’s hard-won democracy against state capture.

Malema said:

“The people of South Africa must stand united against the Zupta nonsense, which is corruptly robbing South Africa of its needed scarce resources and failing to provide free education to deserving students.”

“We call on all sectors of society to rally behind the EFF efforts of saving SA’s Hard-won democracy, which is being compromised by Mr. Jacob Zuma,” the political party said.

According to the EFF the protest action in November will be ‘unapologetically’ demanding the following;

  • The South African Government must provide free quality education at higher education from 2017 onwards.
  • Jacob Zuma must immediately step down as President and Head of State in South Africa.
  • Guptas must be disconnected from all State contracts and must immediately leave South Africa.
  • Shaun Abrahams, the NDPP of Zuma must immediately step down from the National Prosecutions Authority.

“South Africa is tired of the Zupta shenanigans going on  in this country.” Malema stated, urging other party members including the ANC’s to join in the march.

Meanwhile, the third largest party’s leader noted that the ruling party, the ANC is dead and useless and “cannot save this country”.

Malema said this following a Q&A session surrounding the controversial state capture and how the ANC’s own investigations into the matter turned up bare, and how the Public Protector has been stalled by president Zuma in her own investigation.

In reply to these, Malema said it came as no surprise that no officials came forward to give evidence to ANC secretary general, Gwede Mantashe, in the ANC investigation, saying that the ANC was “useless” and “cannot save this country”.

“There is no ANC. It’s gone.”

“You will be clownish to take any evidence to the ANC. Actually, you will be setting yourself up for assassination – you’re just asking people to come and kill you,

“Who is the ANC? What power do they have (to charge the Guptas) – especially Gwede (Mantashe).”

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“The ANC can’t investigate Zuma. It has collapsed into this one thing called Zuma.” He added, pointing out that he had heard people resounding their support for the ANC

‘I support the ANC but not Zuma’. What ANC? Can the real ANC please rise? It is not there. You are living a lie,” Malema also said.

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