EFF Post-SONA Press Briefing: 10 Must-Read Facts You Need To Know


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MPs have been advised to go for a blood test to ascertain if they were injected with ‘slow poison’ during the SONA scuffle.

Speaking during a media briefing at the EFF Head Quarters, Braamfontein, Johannesburg on Tuesday, the leader of the party, Julius Malema said reliable sources told him that Parliament protection security officers were armed with poisonous injection.

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He also alleged that most of the people in white shirts weren’t Parliament protection officers but men of the South African Police Services (SAPS), who were hired to beat and “kill” members of the EFF.

Malema said he was able to identify two SAPS members among the officers and that one of them is a lady who is also an ANC activist.

Juju said: “Our sources are reliable. They wanted to inject us with slow poison. Maphumulo, 1 of them, was also a PA of Gungubele.

As they push, they get you to the ground and inject you. We were told to do blood tests to ensure we weren’t injected.”

On a lighter note, he said he would have loved to mention the points he raised at the briefing in Parliament but prefers to say here [referring to EFF headquarters] because no one will either off the sound system or even interrupt his speech.

“I think it’s better to speak here (referring to EFF Braamfontein headquarters). What I say here today, I would have said in parliament and if they did not like that, they were even going to switch off the sound. Here there’s no one who can switch off the sound and we talk uninterrupted,” he added.

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He assured his fellow fighters that it doesn’t really matter who becomes President of ANC but that the president of South Africa will never come from the ANC in 2019.

Fast Facts About The EFF Post-SONA briefing 

  1. Malema insisted that Parliament must be dissolved because Parliament leaders have failed in their own oath of office just as like President Zuma.
  2. He commended EFF members for putting their bodies on the line on many occasions, to defend and stand for what is right. Malema thanked female EFF members for their bravery, adding that he was touched when he saw the way the white shirts handled some pregnant fighters.
  3. Malema called on DA mayors in Johannesburg and Tshwane to wind up anti-corruption fights and move to service delivery.
  4. The party also encouraged Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan not to resign now, as it will be deadly to do so at this time.
  5. Malema pointed out that Parktown-based club, Orlando Pirates must be respected. He condemned Pirates fans for instigating violence on Saturday after they went down 6-0 against Mamelodi Sundowns.
  6. He maintained that Baleka Mbete as Speaker of Parliament violated the rule of law and has often undone South African constitutional democracy.
  7. The EFF promised to lay charges against parliament for using police to remove MPs from the house.
  8. Malema also vowed to sue Minister of Police for assaults EFF MPs suffered at the hands of SAPS who disguised as Parliament protection officers.
  9. The EFF said the party will continue to break Parliament rules until the ANC stops violating the constitution. The party said they will break the rules again and again if given an opportunity. Malema also announced that the party will approach the Constitutional Court to force Parliament to discipline President Zuma.
  10. The party said it has sent legal representatives to weigh in on the case of one of its activists Napoleon, who was arrested after a killing in Marikana.

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