“ANC Has No Political Tolerance And Are Calling For War” – EFF Mpumalanga


The Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) in Mpumalanga has warned that the ANC leaders are asking for war by paying huge sums of money to “unruly party agents” who go about getting drunk, pulling apart and ripping-off EFF’s posters.

Collen Sedibe, the EFF provincial leader lamented that the ruling party is using cash and booze to engender chaos as he related that EFF posters were ripped-off in full view of community members at Ward 20, Kanyamazane during the voters registration exercise.

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Sedibe hinted that the ruling party’s behavior comes from them sensing that the public no longer have confidence in their party and are willing to vote for other parties. While at that, he remarked that no one can monopolize violence and as such, advised the ANC to stop acting as though they exclsively have the right to be violent.

“This is very bad. The ANC has no political tolerance and these party agents are calling for war. The ANC leadership is sponsoring these agents with cash to buy liquor,” Sedibe stated.

And emphasized that “they are paid big cash amounts and they have been instructed to cause problems for other political parties by removing posters.”

Sibusiso Themba the provincial ANC spokesperson refused to comment on the issue saying; “I am not going to comment about something I did not see.”

Reporting this, News24 related that Ward 20 voting registration co-ordinator Zigane Mokoena, talked about the registration exercise stating that “there were a few people, both the young and the elderly, but most were checking whether their names were still on the voters’ roll.”

It is however anticipated that the number will increase as many were still at work and are yet to show up.

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