EFF MP In Deep Mess For Calling Minister van Rooyen ‘Useless’


Days after a set of EFF Councillors were bundled out from Nyandeni and Buffalo City Metro councils for improper dressing, another of the EFF MP Marshall Dlamini was reprimanded for calling a minister ‘useless’.

The parliament once again got hot as the EFF MP exchanged words with Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli following Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Des van Rooyen’s refusal to withdraw a statement.

“You know minister, what is clear now is that the municipalities are mismanaged especially under the ANC government… especially under this current useless minister called Mister Des‚” said Dlamini.

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Haven said this, Deputy Speaker Tsenoli cut him short by ordering him to withdraw his words

“Hounorable member‚ you can’t call a minister useless‚ that is not appropriate. When you are called that you are going to object so don’t call anybody that… please.”

In response, EFF MP Dlamini said (with a smile) that he was only repeating  what ANC secretary-General Gwede Mantashe called the minister.

“No but Gwede Mantashe (ANC secretary-general) said he is useless‚ it’s not me… No but Gwede Mantashe said so I’m just repeating what he said… he said Mr Des can’t be taken serious.”

No doubt, Mantashe made these comments at party’s National Working Committee media briefing at Luthuli House last week on Tuesday. This was after Van Rooyen accused Gordhan of using the media to seek sympathy

While Dlamini remained adamant on withdrawing his words, EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu stood up and weighed in on the debate even before he was asked to speak.

“I’m rising on a point of order… the point of order is that the member has the right to ask which statement are you asking (him) to withdraw. He still doesn’t understand what to withdraw because he said Des is useless because Gwede Mantashe said it‚” said Shivambu.

Dlamini and Shivambu said they were both “withdrawing the words of Gwede Mantashe”.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have been labelled violent and arrogant following the party members repulsive behaviours at the parliament.

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Recently, two of the party’s Councillors in both Nyandeni and Buffalo councils were booted out  for wearing their signature red overalls, hard hats and gumboots which is against the council’s code of conduct.

Before the forced removal, the councillors were asked to leave the chamber as their overalls and helmets were not formal clothing, as required by council rules.

In response to that, EFF leader Chumani Matiwane argued that the rules did not state which items of clothing were not considered formal.

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