EFF MP Faces Charge For Refusing To Return Communication Devices


A DA-led legislature has requested the Cape Town Central Police Station to investigate EFF MP Nazier Paulsen’s ‘refusal or failure’ to return three electronic devices.

As reported by City Press, Nazier Paulsen received the communication devices when he was a member of the Western Cape Provincial legislature.

Speaking further on the matter, James Retief, who is Western Cape provincial parliament spokesperson, asserted that the secretary of the legislature had made many attempts to retrieve the equipment from Paulsen.

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“Mr Paulsen has, on more than one occasion, acknowledged this contact and the fact that the equipment is owing,” he said.

Retief confirmed that Paulsen had sent an email to speaker Sharna Fernandez at the end of July 2015, requesting to purchase some of the equipment at a “reasonable” cost.

“After consideration, the request was declined, as the equipment was required for operational purposes.”

Spokesperson Retief added that EFF MP, Paulsen again wrote speaker Fernandez in December, saying he was set to return the communication device soon but that he needed time in order to erase confidential information from the equipment.

Reacting, EFF MP Paulsen said that the device in question contains sensitive information and returning it will definitely bring the sources of that information to limelight.

“I am surprised they want to make use of the police to deal with an issue where I have made an offer,” he said.

He added that he regarded the information he received from members of the DA caucus “very personal”, and that “it is information they know could destroy their organisation”.

Paulsen revealed if the DA should get access to the information, they would sack most of their executives.

“They would fire half of their caucus if they got their hands on the information there,” he said.

Provincial legislatures do receive a lot before assuming office and communication devices are also issued to them. However, it is expected that they would return the devices at the end of their tenure, within a specific time.

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The DA-led legislature however, wants Paulsen to return the communication devices, which are: a laptop, a tablet and an external DVD writer. It is said that the devices worth R23 522.

Paulsen claimed he had offered to purchase the laptop from the legislature, but is yet to receive a response.

Meanwhile, he would possibly face a criminal charge for not returning the communication equipment. However, the National Prosecuting Authority will now decide whether to prosecute Paulsen or not.

Earlier this month, Paulsen called for the use of animals in certain rituals to be banned in parliament.

ANC MP Pule Mabe said the animal protection bill was a sign of a caring government since the animals could not speak for themselves. “We are doing this because we do not want animals to die in the line of duty.”