EFF Member Stabbed By The ANC During Political Clash


South Africa is a country characterized by strong political melee among top political parties. No wonder heavy war of words and battles have been flowing in and out of parliament, among rival parties and even in higher institutions.

But, the bitter truth remains that whenever politics turns violent and bitter, one or two victims go in for it while the lucky ones escape clean and sound.

Rival parties have set up another political wrestle ring and this time, Buzzsouthafrica gathered that an Economic Freedom Fighter member Nduduzi Mnisi, from Hazyview was stabbed in his stomach, while wrestling with members of the opposition group – ANC.

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Reports allege that the clash ensued after EFF MPLs Collen Sedibe and Alfred Skosana demanded answers from  Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza to 2015 questions which he left unanswered during his three months of sick leave.

But their plea were angrily hurled away by Speaker Thandi Shongwe, resulting to a break in proceedings. And seeing that their ego have been insulted, they burst into singing and disrupting the Mabuza’s state of the province address.

As the heat intensified, ANC Ehlanzeni regional chairperson, Ngrayi Ngwenya reminded other ANC members “we are here to protect our chairperson DD Mabuza and the South African government.”

“Julius Malema and his people must go away, we are ready to protect the provincial legislature, these people make fun of our country,” Ehlanzeni defiantly said

The 4000 ANC  members, who were invited to guide Mabuza had no choice than to fling the red-beret group away. And it was at the provincial government complex that the opposition groups wore their togs of war, resulting to the ill-fated EFF member being stabbed.

He was later admitted to the Rob Ferreira Hospital in Mbombela. But he promised to get back at all ANC members, who caused him pains.

“I am hurt; I will take legal action when I get discharged from the hospital. We didn’t intend to hurt anyone from the march. It is so scary that people can bring weapons to such an event. I am really unhappy about this and I will fight until I get justice,” Mnisi said.

Following the incidence, EFF provincial leader Collen Sedibe has alleged that ANC members were mandated to attack them.

“We had legally applied for the march. The police had agreed that we march up to the barricaded area, but when the ANC members started marching, the police started to chase our members,” said Sedibe.

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Reacting to the incidence, ANC provincial secretary Mandla Ndlovu criticized the act but argued that the EFF members provoked the ANC members.

“As far as the fights and the stabbing, it is wrong; we have observed what happened inside the chamber when the EFF was thrown out. They came with guests to sing and disrupt the house which is clear provocation.

“We believe… the EFF might have provoked ANC members, but we are warning our members to always remain calm even during provocation because they represent the governing party,” Ndlovu said.

Meanwhile, no criminal case has been registered with police.

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