ANC Is Ever Ready To Kill Blacks In Protection Of White Monopoly Capital 


The Economic Freedom Fighters marks the fourth anniversary of the Marikana massacre reaffirming that the ANC government killed black workers in protection of white capital.

In reference to that, EFF restated that ANC is an enemy of African revolution.

The party as well, reaffirmed that the organization is ever prepared to help black people access real economic security beyond the status of being cheap and easily disposable labor.

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Thereafter, the Fighters noted that mines in South Africa have exploited the labor of South Africans and their environment. And, the managers of these mines did that without contributing adequately to SA tax base.

“The extractive industries in South Africa are led by criminal organisations and multinationals engaged in illicit financial practices; tax base erosion, transfer pricing and profit shifting,” asserted the EFF.

With that, EFF recalled that workers of Marikana were not asking R12, 500 from the government or from any politician. Also, they weren’t disrupting or distracting any public property. They were only demanding a living wage.

But, ANC politicians, led by Cyril Ramaphosa, Nathi Mthethwa and Susan Shabangu conspired with the head of the police, Riah Phieya to spill the blood of innocent and unarmed black mine-workers, EFF stated.

“…The ANC government after declaring the workers as criminals, sent police to kill them. We remember this as a day when the ANC was exposed for what it truly is. (ANC is) an anti-black organisation that is prepared to kill black people in protection of white monopoly capital.

To this day, none of these politicians have been held accountable for the role that they played in the massacre,” added the EFF

From the foregoing, EFF proclaimed that they will never forget and will never rest until all mine-workers receive their dignity and are paid a living wage.

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“Today, we renew our vow that we shall never rest until all who are responsible for the brutal murder of workers are held accountable. No government spills the blood of black people and nothing is done.

The government of the day will be removed soon, as did the apartheid regime, for the brutal mass murder of workers in Marikana,” EFF vowed.

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