The Evil Plaguing ANC Has Infested EFF, Fighters Held Their Leaders Hostage


Disgruntled Fighters held their leaders hostage in Sedibeng, Vereeniging accusing them of planting their preferred Councillor candidates at the Sedibeng District Municipality.

As culled from a report from The Citizen, the disgruntled EFF members locked the gate of the party’s regional offices at number 47 Victoria road in Sedibeng, Vereeniging. Thus, holding hostage their leaders

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That follows a leaked EFF letter from the party’s secretary-general which a former fighter – Lufuno Gogoro shared.

The letter meant to address the issue, only charged the members to embrace the candidates saying “there will never be any further entertainment of grievances about the list.”

The highlights of the letter stipulated the below decisions.

  •  The Proportional Representative list which was adopted by the National List Conference held at 30 May 2016 as gazetted with the IEC is closed, and there will never be any further entertainment of grievances about the list.
  • …the commissars and fighters are capable and well capacitated to deal with the challenges of our communities in the municipalities they serve.
  • All EFF Councillor candidates who made it after 3rd August election and met the threshold in the municipalities should be sworn in as per directives from different municipality authorities.
  • No grievance letters should be written to the headquarters about the list under any circumstances whatsoever or in any pretext.

BuzzSouthAfrica is yet to get EFF’s comment on the hostage development.

Meanwhile, the Fighters spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said EFF’s demand for Zuma to step down isn’t a condition for coalition but a long-standing position of the EFF.

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“That’s not a condition for negotiation, that’s a demand of the EFF since Zuma broke the Constitution. That’s been a constant campaign of the EFF which we have driven to the Constitutional Court.

We’ve been calling for Zuma to step down, not because we are negotiating but because he broke the Constitution and the people of South Africa know that position,” Ndlozi remarked.

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