Malema Warned To Watch His Tongue And Avoid Breeding Violence


The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema has been warned by the ministers of police and state security about his recent threat to take up arms against government. The warning issued to EFF leader Malema states that freedom of expression does not include war talk.

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While Malema was speaking in a televised interview on Sunday, he blatantly accused the Gauteng branch of the ANC of rigging elections and warned that his party will make sure that this does not happen again.

The Police Minister Nkosinathi Nhleko says that such reckless and antagonizing statements can only bring chaos into the country. He emphasized that even though we all have the freedom to air our views, there is a limit to what we can say.

“We all have a right to freedom of speech and we’d like to point out that particular light in itself is not so absolute.”

Supporting the minister, State Security Minister David Mahlobo adds.

“These rights about freedom of expression, of all kinds, have limitations. Propagating war is not allowed.”

However, the controversial EFF leader is just a part of several politicians who have issued threats of violence over the last few months.

In February, the ANC Youth League leader Collen Maine threatened civil war against anyone who attempts to disrupt the State of the Nation Address.

Though the police minister said he was not aware of any probe into Maine’s comments, the Congress of the People said a case against Maine had been opened at the Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria for inciting violence.

In the midst of the chaos, the EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi made it clear that the party only promised to get physical if elections are rigged or people keep getting killed.

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“If you keep killing people, in Relela people protested for water and were killed. If you continue to do that, the government is forcing a situation of violence itself where every revolutionary will take up arms to defend the Constitution.”

A case of treason has since been opened against Malema by the ANC.