SA Has Been Badly Damaged By Zuma – Malema


EFF leader  Malema claims the reason why his party refused coalition with the ruling ANC is because the party (ANC) has no control over its leader Jacob Zuma who he blames for the damages done to the country’s political and economic condition.

Malema who was speaking to news reporters in Alexandra said the EFF discovered that the ruling party had no control on President Zuma, neither do they have control on what would happen to him.

“It is not that they don’t agree the damage that Zuma has done to the brand the ANC. South Africa is not about an individual called Zuma. You are saying that we are obsessed with Zuma. Let me tell you‚ the damage that that guy is costing us is too much…I am not going to be part of a deal which seeks to collapse South Africa.”

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It was earlier reported that the Economic Freedom Fighters had during its coalition talk with the ANC, made a list of demands which include the removal of President Jacob Zuma, removal of ‘Die Stem’ from the SA national anthem, nationalizing the mines, providing free education, a 6% expropriation of land, and scrapping South Africa’s nuclear deal with Russia.

However, the ANC at the conclusion of its ‘four days deliberation, declined to adhere to the demands which on the other hand led to a no coalition with the radical party.

Explaining further the reasons why Zuma must by all means be removed, EFF leader said: “The Guptas have captured this country. It is not a joke. There is no institution in South Africa‚ state-owned companies. There is no department in South Africa where the Guptas do not have their person‚ on their payroll‚”

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The ruling party suffered its worst result since the end of apartheid, garnering less than 54 percent of ballots cast nationally – an eight percentage point drop from the last local poll in 2011 – and Malema called on the party’s  national leaders to return to the drawing board and deal with its national leadership.