Malema Made A Promise To Zuma – And He Intends To Keep It


The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema promised proclaimed war on President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday.

EFF leader Malema declared that since the President broke his oath of office, he will not have peace and will not speak freely in Parliament.

The EFF leader Malema and his squad of fighters were speaking outside the National Assembly while the house was in session. The fighters were literally thrown out from the chamber at the request of speaker Baleka Mbete for trying to disrupt the session.

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Malema warned that the fighters party will answer violence with violence, adding that there will be no peace for Zuma during the remainder of his term. Zuma can only have peace when he resigns from the office which he had abused, declared Malema.

“These bouncers must know that if they give violence‚ we will respond with violence. We’re not scared‚ we’re debating in parliament. Anyone who manhandles us must know we’ve got the same capacity. No one has monopoly on violence. This parliament will never be the same. Want them to call army. Zuma is not our president. The day he breached the constitution that’s the day he kissed the office of president goodbye.

“The only thing that will bring peace here is when Zuma resigns as a sign of respect to constitutional court and constitution‚” said Malema.

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On Tuesday, while President Zuma was answering questions asked by the members of the parliament, the EFF party members started singing senzeni na? and saying they had never agreed to let “a thieving president” speak in Parliament.

 EFF leader Malema insisted that the president needed to be “rehabilitated” and should not be seen at the parliament following the Constitutional Court ruling on his Nkandla homestead.

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