Malema Blames SA Suffering And Hardship On ANC


Opposition party -EFF leader Malema blames the suffering in South Africa on the theory that members of the African National Congress (ANC) at the helm of affairs are more concerned about the welfare of the party, prioritizing it over the country.

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EFF leader Malema was in an interactive session with community members in Meadowlands, Soweto last night. The community members seized the opportunity to raise the various challenges facing their community, especially corruption which has bedeviled public institutions in the area.

In his opinion of the situation of the country, EFF leader Malema blames the ruling party and launched an attack on ANC on the basis that the party has been in power for over two decades but has yet to deliver on the freedom it promised the citizens of South Africa.

He referred to the recent ruling on the Nkandla case where 11 of the best legal minds passed judgement but still failed to unseat President Jacob Zuma. Malema declared that this is a clear indication that the ruling party puts the interest of the party before that of the country.

EFF leader Malema also informed his audience that he never accepted the apology Zuma tendered for the confusion and frustration caused by his Nkandla homestead. He maintained that his actions were inexcusable as long as the law is concerned.

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“There’s no sorry which can be an excuse in law. There’s no ‘I didn’t know’ which can be an excuse in law.”

Malema proudly informed the residents that the EFF was formed to protect and uphold the Constitution of the country and it will not relent in the efforts put into stopping the Nkandla corruption and the controversial influence of the Gupta family on the ruling party. He added that he will not avail the Guptas the opportunity to ruin or colonize the country.