EFF Student Leader Suspended For Threatening To Kill Whites With AK-47


“F*** white people. Just get me a bazooka or AK-47; so I can do the right thing and kill these demon possessed humans,” posted Luvuyo Menziwa on his social media page.

According to the young man – who failed to get a grip on himself – white privilege, dominance, monopoly capital, arrogance, and superiority were the primary reasons why they [whites] deserved to be killed.

Following the racist rant, Menziwa, EFF Student Command senior official at the University of Pretoria, has been suspended with immediate effect as the University’s student finance leader in the SRC and has until Friday to vacate his office.

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The University of Pretoria, which reacted through its spokeswoman Anna-Retha Bouwer, stressed that Menziwa’s rants demand outright and prompt sanction because the university doesn’t condone hate speech and incitement to violence.

Meanwhile, the EFF leader has refuted allegations that he seeks to axe white South Africans to death – as categorically stressed in his post. Menziwa rather argued that he was widely misunderstood.

Luvuyo Menziwa Defends Himself

He said:

“I find the lack of transformation on racism dehumanising to the black community; but unfortunately when I thought I elaborated, I actually didn’t and now my post is perceived as a hate speech and threat to the white community.

My intention was not to offend or threaten anyone; but to raise my grievances around the racism and lack of transformation. Unfortunately, with the emotions and so forth, I failed to elaborate further to clarify what I meant by bazooka and AK-47.”

Left high and dry, he insisted that by getting himself equipped with “arms”; he meant getting himself equipped with “information” that would help him outsmart white supremacy.

Menziwa, who appeared to be in over his head, iterated that his post was tied to Steve Biko’s quote which read: “The basic tenet of black consciousness is that the black man must reject all value systems; that seek to make him a foreigner in the country of his birth and reduce his basic human dignity.”

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Nonetheless, Trade union solidarity has called on authorities to lay criminal charges against Luvuyo Menziwa for the racist post. The organization noted that a self-confessed murderous student like Menziwa cannot be allowed to roam free on campus and vowed to see that he is suspended.
Also, lobby group AfriForum vowed to open a criminal case against the student whose comments could incite violence.

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