Malema Is Positive 3-Year-Old EFF Can Shake 104-Year-Old ANC


The EFF leader Julius Malema says his three-year-old party has amassed more than enough support, confidence and admiration to “shake” the ANC.

The Commander-in-Chief alleged that the ANC is simply a 104-old-year party surrounded by bunch of clueless, confused and corrupt leaders.

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“They don’t have a contract with the ANC that says ‘till death do us part’, so the choice is theirs. I’m confident that a party of three years can shake a party of 104 years,” Malema said.

At the rally which held on Thursday in Hammanskraal, reporters were that the party is positive it will win massively in the area, as it already has all it takes to take on opposition parties.

In furtherance, Juju also predicted that frustrated ANC supporters will not vote for either the EFF or any other party because their sense of reasoning has been clouded by ANC’s sweet lies.

Speaking to his elderly supporters, the CIC said he was awed by the number of elderly supporters who trooped in to hear him.

EFF Leader Julius Malema Spanks DA’s Maimane

“I now speak to much older people. I speak to pensioners who also come to ask, ‘Please help us, EFF. You are our last hope,” he said.

Taking on DA’s Maimane, he charged black Kanana residents not to vote for the DA so the country does not fall into the hands of whites.

Juju alleged that DA’s Maimane is a puppet who kowtows to the whites.

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According to Malema, Maimane only joined the party primarily for financial benefits.

“Please don’t vote for DA. The pain you are currently feeling is very little compared to what you will endure if the whites are in charge.

In the eyes of the whites, we are bobbejaans [baboons].

Mmusi Maimane is not a leader of the DA. He is just after money,”EFF leader Julius Malema claimed.

While the campaigns lasted, Malema charged voters to think about their futures ahead of the August 3 local government elections.

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