EFF Just Released A #ZuptaMustFall Song, You’ll Like More Than The Beat


It’s a nightmare to be opposed by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). The guys have no limit, extremism is surely their favorite word. From the meanest name-calling, to insults and being regarded with ear-itching derogatory phrases, the fighters will fight with anything they can come up with. And their latest opposing stunt is a #ZuptaMustFall Song.

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They’ll certainly be giving the President and the Guptas major headache if their #ZuptaMustFall Song gain attention. Already, analyst are saying it’s a good way to remind the society of the Zuma and Guptas toy with the nation, and ensure that they are held responsible for their action.

In a statement, the EFF called on “South Africans from all walks of life to visit” their YouTube Channel and listen to the “new house song named #ZuptaMustFall.”

Also, they encouraged all entertainment centers in the country “to raise the level of public awareness about the corruption that Zuma and Gupta (Zupta) family have caused” South Africa by playing the #ZuptaMustFall song.

“Let everyone, everywhere, from all corners of our country join the clarion call that #ZuptaMustFall. From young people to old people, black and white, the unemployed, the poor, the urban and rural masses of our people let us speak and sing in one voice that #ZuptaMustFall,” EFF charges.

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Check out the song below;

In a previous statement, the opposition party said the nation is “directly under leadership of unelected civilian foreign-national family, which is controlling and influencing the decisions and lives of politicians, in particular that of Jacob Zuma.”

According to them, the Guptas are the political decision makers of the country and have effectively undermined and rendered the votes of the people of South Africa and the democratic system useless.

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