Isn’t It Impossible To Jail Zuma, Capture Nkandla, And Make It A College?


With the EFF, it isn’t. In fact, that’s exactly what will happen if the Economic Freedom Fighters get to rule South Africa.

The fighters will Jail Zuma, capture his famous Nkandla, and make of it a college.

Don’t worry, EFF won’t reduce their ruling of SA to a hunt-down Zuma mission.

It’s just a crucial task of the EFF government. It will help the party illustrate to all that the EFF won’t let anyone live above the law.

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Addressing an EFF gathering in Rustenburg yesterday, the Chief Commander of the fighters promised that the party would jail Zuma. Julius Malema said EFF’s mission is to redeem South Africa.

He said: “Zuma is going to prison. We are going to arrest and put him in jail, take Nkandla and turn it into a college. There is nothing that stops us from taking Nkandla.

When we said Zuma is going to pay back the Nkandla money people thought we were playing. We said the Gupta must leave the country, they have now left. Zuma is going to jail,” he reiterated.

Malema’s Advice To His Followers

He admonished his audience not to destroying infrastructure out of anger. He however, advised they express their annoyance via their votes.

“You have the power to remove them. Vote them out on August 3, do not burn building. Do not burn schools, do not destroy infrastructure. After you torched this building the mayor still remains the mayor. The council is not removed and you have burnt clinics and schools.”

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Juju said EFF’s business in politics is development and positive changes. Such that will provide jobs for the people and grant them access to quality health care services.

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