We’ve Grabbed ANC’s Nuts, We’ll Crush It To Humble Them – EFF


EFF is set to humble ANC and teach the party a long-lasting lesson.

EFF won’t form coalition with the party. The essence, is to stop the party from being arrogant and flagging deaf ears to suffering South Africans.

Metaphorically, the Fighters are holding on to ANC’s ‘you-know-what’ and will soon crush it for the greater good of South Africa, says the Fighters’ spokesperson.

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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi reportedly said in an interview that they’ve roped the ruling party.

ANC is on the ropes, he said. And, the EFF is committed to not forming a coalition with them.

He said the Fighter made the big difference in the local government polls as they’re the reason the people rejected the ANC.

Citing the EFF’s chief commander, Ndlozi remarked that the significance of the ruling party bagging less than 50% votes in some councils, is that they (ANC) have been rejected.

“…We cannot put them back into power now,” he said.

Aside that, he related that the EFF wants to teach the ANC a “historic lesson in humility.”

He said: “It is us who must instruct them. They must take instruction from us. They must learn to be humble and to never again insult the intelligence of our people by behaving in government the way they have been behaving.”

In a previous report, BuzzSouthAfrica narrated that the EFF spokesperson said most EFF’s supporters prefer the party forms a partnership with the DA.

“The members, leadership and voters of EFF are the ones that have a say. We ran a poll that close to 18,000 participated in on Facebook and all of them said we must go with the DA,” Ndlozi divulged.

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In the recent interview nonetheless, Ndlozi asserted that the DA is being myopic on the coalition issue.

DA he said, has to “rise above their racially supremacist egos.” Above all, he indicated that both parties will try to generate a mutual understanding on the land issue.

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