EFF Willing To Form Coalition With Other Parties, Never With ANC


Julius Malema’s party said they can form a coalition with any other political party in South Africa but never with the ANC.

Following the ANC chaos in Tshwane, the Fighters cautioned ANC to hastily clean up its mess in Tshwane and allow other political parties continue their ongoing campaign in the city.

The EFF divulged that they’ve gathered huge support in Tshwane, and are working to take every vote of undecided voters in the city between now and election day.

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The party however, told Business Day that the protest isn’t aiding their move to take the city.

Speaking for the party, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi remarked that the protest is “tantamount to political intolerance and doesn’t benefit anybody. Barricading roads is denying everyone else the possibility to campaign,” he pointed out.

“We want a peaceful election, not this,” he went on. “We want to be able to go to the ballot to determine who will be the mayor of Pretoria and who will govern Tshwane.

A divided house like the ANC doesn’t determine anything. They are in denial if they think they can do this. It just brings violence and shuts down the freedom of movement that we all need right now.”

The EFF spokesperson asserted that they don’t want their victories in elections to be regarded as a consequent of the troubles that bedeviled ANC.

“We don’t want to win on the back of somebody else’s losses. Any voters who have decided to leave the ANC did so before this weekend. No mayoral candidate that they put in place at this stage can save them.

Their damage is already done. We just need to be able to go to the ballot peacefully to determine that,” Ndlozi stated.

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Talking about coalition politics, Ndlozi said: “We don’t have a manifesto for coalitions, we are campaigning to win. (But, if they don’t get an outright majority), we will form coalition government with other opposition parties…But never with the ANC. We will never do anything to keep the ANC in power,” he declared.

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