EFF Asserts They Won’t Crown ANC King In Joburg And Tshwane


Although the EFF gathered negligible votes in the fiercely contested Johannesburg and Tshwane, it’s now almost certain that the Fighters will be the kingmakers in the metros.

Reports have it that the EFF have started laying down their conditions for whom they will form a coalition with.

The Fighters nonetheless, pointed out with emphasis that the ruling party must forget about being crowned king in the metros. They must prepare to be minority in the metros because the EFF will not enter into any form of coalitions, whatsoever with the ANC.

Yesterday, ANC senior member Mzwanele Manyi reportedly mocked the Fighters’ national chairperson Dali Mpofu over the EFF performance at polls.

“If I were you, I would continue sleeping. You need a lot of energy to face up to outcomes of your (election results),” Manyi told Mpofu.

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Apparently, the Fighters is getting set to have the last, long laugh. And, ANC will be the object of laughter this time. The Economic Freedom Fighters’s Deputy President Floyd Shivambu hinted that the EFF will crown DA in the metros.

However, he stressed that the EFF will clearly stipulate its conditions in line with the EFF manifesto before embracing Maimane and his party. 

EFF’s decision to partner with the DA isn’t a complete surprise. For one thing, the way ANC used the EFF leader Julius Malema “like a condom” and discarded him is still fresh to Juju.

EFF Will Partner With Any Party But ANC

Aside that, the EFF has always remarked that they wouldn’t get in bed wit the ANC.

For instance, the party warned during campaign that they can form a coalition with any other political party in South Africa but never with the ANC.

Fighter Ndlozi then, said: “We don’t have a manifesto for coalitions, we are campaigning to win. (But, if they don’t get an outright majority), we will form coalition government with other opposition parties…But never with the ANC. We will never do anything to keep the ANC in power.”

Still won’t believe EFF is abandoning ANC for DA huh? Hear for yourself, listen to the audio clip below.

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