EFF-DA Coalition Talks Reaches Final Stage


Municipal coalition talks between the Democratic Alliance (DA) and other opposition parties are one step closer to finalization even as the third most loved political party, -EFF- over rules coalition talks with the ruling party ANC

The DA chairperson of the federal council James Selfe who revealed the stage at which the party has gotten to in its coalition talks, explained that the talk is almost finalized though it does not involve talking about positions yet, but about the “underlying principles” that would make up a coalition.

“I think it’s beyond the stage of arguing about theoretical ideological concepts and into the era of practical arrangements,” DA chairperson of the federal council James Selfe said on Thursday morning,” he said confirming that “coalition talks are continuing and are reasonably positive”.

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Meanwhile, the ANC in Johannesburg region sent out a note to branch members to reassure them that the party was working hard on the regional, provincial and national level “to ensure that the ANC governs Johannesburg and all other Gauteng metros including Mogale City”.

However, the EFF has ruled out any coalition talk with the party based on two reasons – that the ANC are the very people the voters rejected. “We cannot put them back into power now; so they will be taught a historic lesson not to mess with people.

“It is us who must instruct them – they must take instruction from us.

“They must learn to be humble and to never again insult the intelligence of our people by behaving in government the way they have been behaving.” says EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

Regarding its coalition with the DA, Ndlozi, said the DA’s view of the EFF is myopic. He said this following DA’s insistence on a regular review of the EFF’s commitment and adherence to an opposition agreement.

“The DA is sensing the spirit of the times wrongly. The DA underestimates the catalytic capacity of the EFF. We will have to discover whether they can rise above their racially supremacist egos‚ and whether they can allow themselves to be educated by us.”

“One of the main differences between the DA and EFF is on land policy‚ with the EFF favouring expropriation without compensation‚ and the DA stressing constitutionally protected property rights.

“We are not unsophisticated. We know that municipalities‚ under current law‚ cannot expropriate land. But it can decide how municipal land‚ especially municipal land that lies fallow‚ is used and developed.

“There was no intelligent urban planning in South Africa. We are the site of colonial dispossession and apartheid structural disorganisation.

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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi maintained that‚ in coalition talks with fellow opposition parties‚ the EFF would not fall into the trap of trying to just secure positions for its members.