EFF Councillors Tasked To Share Salaries With Party


The Fighters’ party is drowning in election debt. Reports have it that the party has a lot to pay back. And thus, has ordered the newly elected EFF Councillors to share their salaries with the party.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the EFF Councillors will have to forfeit half of their salaries for the party. They will do that for a period of three months.

The slash in their salaries as learnt, will help gather about R24 million for the EFF. All 761 EFF Councillors across South Africa including those at ward level will partake in this.

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Although EFF wouldn’t disclose the amount it has to pay back, City Press related that Malema’s party married “serious debt” while campaigning for the 2016 municipal election.

The party reportedly took a loan worth millions from Standard Bank to fund its campaigns.

Confirming this, an insider told City Press that some of the Councillors wanted to give the EFF their salary for a complete year.

“Some were even willing to forfeit their salary for a whole year. But we decided that half the salary was a better option.” divulged the insider.

However, a Councillor from Mpumalanga begged to remain anonymous while he revealed that some of the Councilors aren’t cool with the imposed sharing of salaries.

Meanwhile, the party is already making necessary plans to avoid incurring such debt in 2019.

For instance, it called on members to buy vans instead of sedans. That way, the party will get to use the vans for the 2019 general election campaigning and avoid the cost of hiring or buying any.

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Also, the party called on its Councillors to go and vote in the election of Mayors, Speakers and Members of Mayoral Committees.

But then, stipulated that all the votes must support all political parties other than the ANC.

“The ANC must be rejected in all the Municipalities. No Councillor of the EFF must accept any Executive position in the Council and no member shall be a Speaker in any Council.

Any EFF Councillor who acts outside the mandate of the EFF will be acted upon decisively in terms of the Code of Revolutionary Discipline as approved by the 1st National People’s Assembly,” stated the party.

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