We Have The Machinery, We’re Coming For Zuma’s Ward – EFF


Don’t doubt the fighters this time. They’ve been winning their fights of late, gaining supports many never imagined they could garner. EFF said they are set to make their mark in the upcoming elections, will be contesting every ward in South Africa, and is coming for honorable Jacob Zuma’s ward in Nkandla.

Addressing media after the draw to decide the party to top the Proportional Representation (PR) ballot papers in the municipalities, EFF’s spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi stated that the fighters are ready for the elections.

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“The very process of choosing who comes first in the ballot paper is exciting, but it doesn’t matter who is number one.

…Faith without actions is dead. Your message must have been demonstrated in the rank and file, it must have been demonstrated in the people’s daily struggle with power.

Our people are going to go and look for the EFF on the ballot, it doesn’t matter what number we occupy,” he said.

He said EFF is not worried about the increase in the number of  parties contesting the elections.

“It’s an exciting time indeed to have 205 political parties contesting in these elections,” he said.

“We have emphasized that this is a multiparty democracy and anyone who holds a different view must be able to express it on the ballot paper. We have been ready for days. If elections were to go ahead tomorrow, we would be ready to contest.

We have the machinery. We are contesting all the wards in South Africa.

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We have candidates that are close to 10 000. We are contesting even Jacob Zuma’s ward, we have a candidate there. Helen Zille’s ward, Jackson Mthembu and Baleka Mbete’s wards, we are contesting everywhere,” he divulged.

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