‘This Government Is Uncaring, Violent And Abusive’ – EFF


Speaking on the Hammanskraal violence, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said it is very much in support of the resistance that the community has shown towards the forced removals going on in the area.

The party also called on authorities, the City of Tshwane and the Red Ants to back off and “allow the people to settle in peace”.

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The EFF described the city’s “usage of Red Ants on the residents as “a sign of an uncaring‚ violent and abusive government”, considering what the citizens have been through in the past.

“In a country of high levels of destitution‚ landlessness and homelessness‚ it is unacceptable that a democratic government would employ the same tactics of forced removals as an illegitimate regime like apartheid‚” it said.

This follows an uneasy calm that descended on Hammanskraal after the violent protests that erupted during forceful eviction eviction left two dead and six critically injured on Monday.

“Often‚ when the poor fight back‚ resisting the violence of the state and of the very everyday deprivation and destitution‚ society blames them. If there was indeed any caring leadership in Tshwane‚ which was sensitive to people’s struggles‚ it could have known and found a better way‚ a human way to resolve the problem‚” it added.

The Hammanskraal violence‚ which saw five people arrested overnight for inciting violence and murder‚ started when the City of Tshwane used the infamous Red Ants company to evict hundreds of people from their homes as they demolish hundreds of shacks built on municipal-owned land.

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However, the Red Ants Security and Evictions Services chief operations pfficer Fuzile Balintulo denied claims that the two people killed during the protests were its employees adding that the company has been instructed to discontinue with the evictions on Tuesday for the safety of their workers.

Meanwhile, South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) accused the EFF of being behind the Hammanskraal violence, blaming them for inciting illegal land occupation in the area.