EFF Prepares To Establish Its First Kingdom In Limpopo


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said they’ll be the authority in Limpopo after August 3rd. The party is certain they will not just do well in the province during elections. But will capture all Limpopo’s municipalities.

EFF has been working hard to gather more support in the province. The party’s co-ordinator Jossey Buthane said EFF’s efforts will yield bountiful harvest.

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Buthane said: “we are expecting to take all the municipalities of Limpopo because of the work we have done on the ground.

The people of Limpopo have shown great interest in the EFF before it was even a year old. They gave the EFF six seats in the legislature when there were no structures in place.

Now we have the structures. There are developments that we brought to politics in South Africa and we have lived up to the commitments we made to our people.”

He celebrated EFF’s rapid growth in the country saying it only shows South Africans want change.

According to Buthane EFF will take charge of the province so as to ensure that all Limpopo’s municipalities are provided the services they need.

He said it isn’t alright for the pensioners, jobless and poor household in Limpopo to continue living miserably. The present municipalities simply don’t care about the people, he asserted.

“Our people have been saying these municipalities are treating them like Pick n Pay. Where when you can’t pay, you must not get services. What they care about is generating revenue (and) milking blood from the poor people of Limpopo, Buthane wailed.

With that, he reiterated that it’s certain the EFF will win all Limpopo’s municipalities.

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For one thing, Limpopo is EFF’s Chief Commander Julius Malema’s home.

He was born and raised in Seshego township in the Polokwane Local Municipality of the Capricorn District Municipality of the province. Red is the city’s color and Malema’s pictures are everywhere.

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