EFF Backs Nigeria To Crush ‘Irresponsible And Mischievous MTN’


MTN is irresponsible, mischievous and a typical capitalist multinational company which pillages economies with impunity and does little to develop their communities.

For that and other reasons, the EFF has borrowed Nigeria the Fighter’s spear to pierce MTN over the illicit financial outflow allegations tabled against the mobile operator.

EFF highlighted that MTN has been moving almost half of Nigeria’s foreign reserves which is now perched at $24bn. And, was also reprimanded by the Nigerian government for refusing to deactivate 5.1 million unlawful SIM cards mitigating the fight against extremists.

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EFF indicated it’s support for the crushing of MTN by the West African country saying South Africa is not “reaping any benefits from this MTN’s misdemeanor.”

“MTN is one of the mobile operators which was hauled into Parliament’s Telecommunications Portfolio Committee’s Public Hearings into the high costs of mobile telephony last week.

“The EFF asked mobile operators in that public hearing if they were in fact declaring dividends in tax havens. They did not give an answer to this question.

“This Nigerian probe into the affairs of MTN might give light to that question. Perhaps then the South African government will be inspired to investigate transfer pricing and illicit financial outflows in general in their own country,” EFF stated.

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Adding that MTN is offering one of the highest mobile tariffs in South Africa, and has flatly refused to reduce tariffs to assist development programs, EFF declared that MTN is one of the irresponsible companies representing South Africa in the rest of Africa.

With that, the Fighters called on the government of South Africa to follow in the footsteps of a decisive Nigerian government and invoke the economic decree of the Freedom Charter.

The economic clause stipulated that ‘industries shall be controlled to assist in the welfare of the people’. Citing that, Malema’s party tasked SA government to reign in multinational companies like MTN and Vodacom, investigate their financial affairs, the high costs of telephony in SA, and probe illicit financial outflows in the industry.

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“The Nigerian government would do well to investigate this MTN case and add an additional R190bn to their coffers if MTN is found guilty. This kind of fiscal prudence is precisely why Nigeria is the leading economy in Africa,” EFF proclaimed.

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