Another EFF Member Shot During Campaign


Just like leaders, elections often come and go but most times, these two leave some negative impacts that linger on for a long time, if not for a lifetime.

Sadly, pre/post political killings have continued to soar high in the country with each election, leaving many devastated, ruined and incapacitated.

Nevertheless, as the forthcoming elections draw near, political parties are advised to stick to the rules, shun violence and imperatively, discourage their supporters from attacking political rivals, no matter the thickness of the rivalry.

The need for peaceful elections cannot be over-emphasized as it is the key to a prosperous South Africa and a violent-free government.

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BuzzSouthAfrica just gathered that another EFF member was shot in the leg while the the party was handing out pamphlets and campaigning on Tuesday in Polokwane municipality.

EFF Member Attacked In Polokwane Municipality

EFF Limpopo secretary Joe Buthane alleged that the opposition party supporter was shot in the leg by someone in an African National Congress (ANC) T-shirt.

Speaking on Wednesday, Buthane said, “while they were sharing the pamphlets in a taxi rank in Polokwane municipality, a man in an ANC T-shirt started assaulting some of EFF members‚ and when they answered he took out a gun and shot a lady in the leg”.

Limpopo police Col Ronel Otto also confirmed that a 45-year-old EFF supporter, Elizabeth Chosi was shot at the city centre taxi rank on Tuesday.

“An argument ensued between her and an unknown male suspect and a shot was fired. She was wounded in the right leg and has been taken to hospital. The suspect‚ who was allegedly wearing an ANC T-shirt with a leather jacket‚ ran away,” Otto said.

However, no arrests have been made yet.

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This is the second time an EFF member has been shot‚ allegedly by an ANC supporter. The first occurred in Mpumalanga in May, when an EFF marshal Senzo Thwala was allegedly shot in the leg when he tried to prevent a man donning an ANC T-shirt from entering the KaMaqhekeza stadium in KaMaqhekeza.

No doubt, the forthcoming elections won’t be an easy ride for most political parties (primarily because of the rude awakening of political consciousness among the people) and also because of additional political parties that marched into the ring.

That notwithstanding, political parties and their supporters are advised to shun political violence and value their lives during the forthcoming elections.