EFF Owns A House Close To Zuma’s Nkandla Home, But See What The Lucky Recipient Said About The House


When Sthandiwe Hlongwane received the keys to a house built by the Economic Freedom Fighters, little did she know that there would be fights and violence by rival political parties.

In 2014, the EFF built a house near President Zuma’s Nkandla homestead in Kwazulu-Natal. The house was actually built to canvas for political support in the ANC dominated area. However, after she packed in, there were violence and political clashes between the EFF and ANC.

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Prior to the end of the handover event, African National Congress members obstructed Malema’s movement to the event center. He [Malelma] was forced to walk down to the house. When he finally arrived, ANC supporters started throwing stones and bottles of water until the police intervened and arrested 30 members of the ANC.

After the incident, Buzzsouthafrica gathered that she told The Sowetan that she lives in fear because of attacks. She said,

“I was glad when I was offered the house but I was not aware it would cause all of this [violence]. I now fear that myself and my family members could be attacked.”

However, it appears that the house was faulty. And Hlongwane is obviously fed up with it. Although she was happy about the house because she had lived in a substandard house all her life. Reports say that not long after she was handed the keys, the roof caved in, the walls and tiles cracked and no water was running in the house. “I am sure he (Malema) thinks that the house is fine. We have a veranda with no steps, the walls are cracking and there is just so much that is wrong with the house. The ANC is probably looking at me and laughing now that the house if falling apart,” she said.

Nothing has been heard about the house for sometime, but issues surrounding the house were excavated following Zuma’s Nkandla refund saga this year. When Hlongwane was approached for comments, she said, “I am just tired of talking about the house. I never want to talk about the house ever again, case closed.”

Hlongwane's house

We will remember that last year, Malema promised to rebuild the house, having realised that incompetent workers handled the house. “I think generally there was poor workmanship from the beginning. The best thing to do is to just demolish and rebuild the entire structure. We will solve this matter once and for all. I will send a team there tomorrow to inspect the house”, said Malema.

However, Hlongwane opened up a bit when she narrated that the house has been finally repaired. Reports said that workers were sent to the house to fix it. But she stated that EFF Leader [Malema] ordered the workers to bring the house down and put up a new one. But the workers decided to ‘repair’ it.

33-year-old Hlongwane however expressed much fears about the durability of the house. “I am happy they fixed the house, but I do not know how long it will last,” she said.

Renovations in the house include, interior and exterior plastering, veranda leveling, installation of outside sink and mounting of new ceiling boards. The workers sent by the EFF said that roof initially caved in because the tiles were smeared on dampened woods.

That notwithstanding, she feels that “the house is nice now.”

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