EFF Makes Dramatic U-Turn, Permanently Rejects Coalition With DA And ANC


South Africa’s opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has stunned the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA); following a dramatic u-turn on a coalition with both rivals in some hung municipalities.

Relating reasons why the Malema-led party decided to back out despite having meetings with the ANC and DA on a coalition; an insider said the EFF took a different path because the DA and the ANC couldn’t provide substantial reasons why either of them should be crowned king in the hung metros.

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More so, the party said they decided to abstain from further engagements because they wish to respect the fact that South Africans didn’t grant them the opportunity to govern – the EFF trailed behind the ANC and DA in the concluded municipal elections.

For this reason, a reliable source in the EFF central command team said the party will not also participate in mayoral elections in hung municipalities.

“We will vote on issues; but not on who gets what position or from which party a mayor must come from. We do not have a mandate from our people to govern. After lengthy discussions and negotiations; the EFF decided that they will abstain from voting,” the source said.

Going with the aforementioned; the ANC must now seek the help of smaller parties holding significant numbers; if it must govern the city of Johannesburg – where it secured the highest number of votes [ 44.55%]; while the DA must also seek a coalition with a smaller party if it must run Tshwane municipality; after obtaining the highest number of votes [43.11%].

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However, the ANC is lucky to have made landmark progress in Ekurhuleni with the African Independent Congress (AIC).

Neither the DA nor the ANC was able to win an outright majority in four of the country’s eight metros in the just concluded elections.

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