Edward Zuma’s Letter: The Evil Deeds Of Gordhan, De Klerk And Their Likes – Read Full Text


President Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward Zuma’s letter addressed South Africans about the country’s state of affairs.

He talked about brutally greedy leaders; And, identified South Africa’s Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan and former President FW de Klerk as some of the individuals perpetrating evil deeds that are sucking the wealth of this country.

Below is Edward Zuma’s letter in full.


03 February 2017

Greetings to fellow countrymen

It’s a pleasure again to exercise my constitutional right to air how I feel and view issues in our beloved country, South Africa.

I, however, want to raise certain things that I think we as South Africans have for many years omitted or shied away from regarding our individual constitutional rights‚ this can be from how the constitution has been abused and selectively applied to suit certain groupings within our society.

This has been done through various instances like the right to freedom of expression has constantly been abused as there are those that disregard that every right has a limit and a responsibility and choose to only apply the right blatantly. This should be a worrying factor as it could lead to our constitution being reduced to a debatable piece of document which shouldn’t be the case.

We should be defending the constitution at all costs as many of our fellow citizens sacrificed for this to be attained and achieved.

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I however also want to air my view on how brutal and greedy some of our leaders have become as they clearly don’t have the interests of the people‚these leaders are in government‚ private sector‚ religious leaders‚ civil societies and many other structures of the country‚ they have for example used government to amass wealth at the expense of delivery and poverty alleviation this they do by various means ranging from government tenders and empire building through their relationships with white monopoly capital as I have been trying to show and tell the country of people like Johann Rupert and others.

These greedy people don’t give a damn about the livelihoods of the people of this country whatsoever‚ they are thieves who are sucking the wealth of this country using their relationships with these leaders who in return have business interests in almost everything that is profit making eg Pravin Gordhan our much-loved finance minister has shares everywhere and there are those that don’t see anything wrong with that but rather turn a blind eye because the country is being threatened by the unprogressive and questionable rating agencies.

There are more like Pravin and company‚ some of them have gone silent and have off late kept away from the public but instead have unleashed their dogs to bite some of us who continue to question and raise these matters to the country‚they have gone to even our families to want to bargain with them in return for our keeping quiet‚which will not happen in anyway as they should be exposed at all costs as they are hiding behind the poor people of this country.

They have and are continuing to sell and privatize state-owned enterprises and companies to their friends and masters and they again hide behind profitability‚yet they deliberately run down these institutions so as to sell to their friends or children as has been seen at the SAA debacle etc. They tried to sell SAA to a company where Gordhan’s relative or daughter has interests‚what a coincidence‚and that plan is still on led by Pravin himself. I want the public to ask them where is the state mining company and what happened to its CEO Percy Khoza a lot will be revealed on the latter should the public has interests.

There are government programs that have been stopped because Pravin Gordhan and Treasury don’t want to pay and claim that there are individuals who want to loot the state coffers‚to me this amounts to sabotage and such lunatics should be fired from service as they only work hard to defend their personal interests in business as has been seen when calls for banks to be probed were made‚they all fought against such a call‚clearly that being the evidence of their shares in banks and being in the pockets of the Ruperts of this country and world.

These banks should indeed be probed and all of them.

I have been raising the matter of the Digital Migration Project again it’s being frustrated by the treasury as their preferred companies did not get the contracts for this. Ask the former head of Ussasa Mr. Zami Nkosi‚ citizens this is the kind of people who say they want to run a clean governance and one wonders then as to where they take such a mandate cause I doubt the ruling party in this country would allow that.

They are also in charge of the PIC under the chairmanship of the holy Mcebisi Jonas Gordhan’s partner in business and colleague in government‚this institution countrymen is their base and playground for total control and capture of the country as the likes of Shoprite checkers‚ bidvest‚white fund managers and many more Jewish based entities are running the show without interference from government and with the help of the government officials who have shares in the companies that get money from the PIC‚including Sipho Pityanas company and if they dispute my assertion let’s go public I will expose all this.

Civil servants funds are misused at the blessings of these people and yet they don’t want to increase people’s salaries but companies that benefit from workers funds pay their executives bonuses of millions of dollars‚ time will tell as I have always been saying again that we are seating on a time bomb there comes a time where we will be fed up with these people‚ the sad thing is they will not be around the country to witness that anger but will be in their Caribbean villas‚ like FW de Klerk who has all of a sudden become a good governance guru in spite of stealing money to buy an island under his Greek wife‚ he must shut up and enjoy the cash he stole from government.

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As all his administration was about corruption and looting of state funds as it had become clear that power was shifting and his cabinet facilitated transactions like the ABSA scandal that we see today.so de Klerk is the last to be telling us where South Africa is or should be going.

Lastly, stop fooling South Africans by accusing the wrong person thus diverting focus from your criminal and dirty deeds. We will not stop telling the truth even if you threatened me with the legal course so be it as long as the truth will be revealed for all to see‚so I will be awaiting the summons from those that are stealing from the poor.

These people should be seen and known by the public as they are now quiet and watching what is happening and how safe are their interests in all that is to happen‚that’s how shrewd they are these guys.

Issued by
Edward Zuma
In my personal capacity

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